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Last Thursday, I caught the scent of a general disconnect with my peers back in Belleville. My friend had posted something on facebook regarding having swapped out her Canadian Netflix for American, and included the YouTube video she got it from. I suggested that speaking about it openly on a social networking sight may end up spelling out some rather particular consequences due to the murky intellectual property water she's treading in, and her response was hostile. I had to probe a bit to get the true source of the hostility, and I found that she's taking umbrage to some of the diction I use in my posts there, and presumably here, in which my comments are "long and cryptic using words that most people don't understand."

I think communication is important. I think I may even place a higher value on it than most people that surround me, because through communication, we achieve rapport and through rapport, peace, prosperity and understanding. If that's the case, then my diction and syntax choices may be producing a barrier to comprehensibility. I understand that there's an education difference between us as well. She's never really trusted the education system, and thus, didn't spend as much time in it as others, not having gathered her high school. I don't include this as any disparity regarding her intelligence or ability, but simply as a different path than the one I chose.

It's got me thinking, though. What is the purpose of these communications I write? Years ago, they were self-aggrandizing. I felt the need to prove my own intelligence and grow my self-worth through the regard of other people. Nowadays, I don't know. I feel that I've moved beyond that. I'm comfortable and happy with myself and have a general interest in seeing other people be happy and comfortable with themselves. Especially those folks I care about, and there are a lot of people I care about now, even peripherally, including those I rarely see or speak with. I coast through memories of good times had and that's enough to engender good will, the pursuit of a smile, or an attempt to brighten their day or ease their pain.

There's just so much pain in the world. Why spread it?

You can't please everyone, it's true. But this is such a little thing. I can surely make an effort to be a little more clear.



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