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Dec. 10th, 2012 10:50 am
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I suppose this is entry number one in my gradual, amazing leap from the sinking ship that is livejournal. I'm going to be keeping that journal in existence for the various communities that I'm a member of, but in case everything goes to hell in a hand basket with the new ownership, I thought I'd make sure I had a place to continue with the journey.

Naturally, however, I have nothing particularly pertinent to say, so a random update is in order.

I have a global political economy exam in the morning and am rather quite busy studying for it hen I'm not prattling around on the internet. My fiancee is presently starting her half of the dishes, and I'm fighting a losing battle in an argument regarding the religious persecution of atheists by theists.

As I've just been told, I'm coming from a position that has no experience with the persecution, and therefore, am assuming there to be a simple solution where, as I should be aware, there is no simple solution. Ever. It's true, though. I can be open about my lack of religious conviction and not experience much in the way of political persecution. Now, the upper echelons of democratic power may be closed to me because I'm not viewed as representative of the majority of Canadians with my nonbelief, but that's more an effect of democracy. What she's talking about is outright persecution: religious police showing up at my door to inquire about my empty place at mosque; exclusion from holding public office by undemocratic means; exclusion from civil society, for example, via being excluded from the population pool from which jury duty is selected. You can't simply lie and make those particular problems go away.



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